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Sphere Ventures is a global startup studio and venture capital fund.

Two services offering within Sphere Ventures

Sphere Ventures is an international seed stage venture firm and startup studio investing in blockchain platforms, applications, and emerging technologies. you won’t hear us say, we don’t get it, we get it.

More than money, Sphere provides what a technology enabled startup needs. Capital, software development and technology resources, advisory, and an extensive network for introductions, all designed to accelerate the growth of your venture. We know that no two entrepreneurs are the same, that’s why we get to know the person not not just the investment. Then we get to work building innovative companies with innovative technology. We’ve been there and we leverage our operational experience, talent, relationships, and follow on investor relationships, to fuel your future success and growth.

We speak emerging technologies and blockchain, so If your value is focused upon or enabled by emerging tech or blockchain, we encourage you to tell us about it. We don’t fund all that are pitched, but we review every serious submission.

What We Do

Imagine finding a co-founder who is a strategic world-class designer, who can bootstrap her own React project, who has a PhD in machine learning, and who brings experience raising billions of dollars of capital. All while managing your books, legal, and HR. As a team, that's who we strive to be. We invest everything we have in your success.

  • Market Research

  • Concept Validation

  • Engineering

  • Machine Learning

  • Strategy

  • Visual & UX Design

  • Product Management

  • Recruiting

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing

  • Company Formation

  • Operations

Sphere Ventures is lead by an experienced international team of successful entrepreneurs. If you would like to contact Sphere Ventures, submit a plan, or a presentation, please use the form below*